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New Home Exterior Construction, Construction & Remodeling Services, Schaumburg, IL


 We not only promise to deliver exceptional results;

We promise a pleasurable experience.

We handle everything from prep to clean up.

And, yes, we do leave the site absolutely clean.

We are bonded and insured.

All of our roofers must pass a background check.

Our specialties include:

  • Siding
  • Roof replacement and consulting
  • Damage assessments
  • Insurance claims auditing and settlement        
  • Emergency roof repair 
  • Gutters

Take this five minute test - and find out if you need our help...

  1. When should I replace my roof?

First, inspect your roof from the ground using a pair of binoculars.

For your own safety, leave climbing onto your roof to a professional.

What will happen if I wait too long?

If your roof is leaking, your repair bills will not only include the roof repair, but the cost of insulation, drywall, paint, furniture and flooring that usually come with a roof leak.

Oh, and lets not forget how fun it can be to deal with insurance claims, scheduling roofing contractors, etc. 

How will i know if I need a new roof?

The following factors will help you decide.

Curled Up Shingles: This can allow rain to get in, and the shingles are easily damaged by wind.

Worn-off Granules: Granules protect the shingle from sunlight and water. If they're worn off, the shingle will deteriorate. Look for granules in your gutters and by your downspouts. You may see dark spots on the shingles where granules are missing.

Loose Or Missing Shingles: This can cause leakage.

Cracked Shingles: A common cause of a roof leak. (Nail pops, which are small holes where nails have popped through the shingle, can cause leakage.)

Spots On Your Interior Ceiling: May indicate that the roof is leaking and in need of roof repair.

Black Or Green Streaks: Algae can discolor your roof and make it look ugly.

Age Of Roof: Depending on the quality, most shingles last 10-25 years. If your home is the same age as others in the neighborhood that are getting new roof replacement work, it may be time to replace yours too.

4.  I think i should replace my roof. What should i do?

You know, I can almost hear you thinking "Should we call and invite New Home Exterior Construction inspection over so we can sit and talk with him so he can answer all of our questions?" 

The answer is YES.


and let us solve your home improvement problems.

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